Making Dinne at Sizzle

Latley I have been getting a little bored with food. Idk if it’s because I have taken on more cooking latley ( bf new work schedule), or convos on “What The Health” plaguing me, or just a plain rut. Whatever the cause maybe walking down the grocery aisles the egg roll wraps stood out to me. Instantly all the options on what to stuff them with had me excited. We (12 year old sous chef, and I) decided on shrimp. Yum!!!!  It was a success already thoughts of breakfast rolls have been discussed. Lol. I realize it’s not the healthiest, but it was a fun shake up.  Considering them for the oven next time. 

Any fun recepies? 

Faced a fear!Β 

To some it may seem silly but for me it was a real fear. I remember when I first noticed I had stretch marks. I was a plump 10 year old girl, and didn’t realize what they were. As a 29 year old woman I can finally say fux it! Do you have a cosmetic fear? 

You know those moments when you are restless but sleepy at the same damn time. What’s your sleepy time remedy when you can’t turn off your mind. I know it’s not just me. 

Yep Dutch braids going to sleep 😴