Janet Jackson State of the World Tour cont’

The story…

As we grabbed our snacks and sat in our seats all I could keep thinking was how awesome this was. Great seats at balcony, the crowd around us seemed cool ( super important), and I was with the most important woman in my life! Next thing I hear is “Ok follow you?” A gentleman had came up to my mom and said he had something for us if we wanted to follow them. Get into the hallway and he hands us floor seats! Not only floor seats but 1 row seats! Not only that it was the very middle of the front row and we got to see Janet… ahem Ms. Jackson if ya nasty up close and damn near personal! It was such a great performance and it was a blessing we were at the right spot and the right time, with the right energy. We danced and sang the night away not sitting down once!



*Birthday Suit Shop photo shoot image

My appreciation for women is so serious. I love the way our bodies are works of art, and throughout history we have endured and overcome so much. My appreciation for women can sometimes cross over into desire. Desire to look, rub and touch. Not necessarily always sexual. Actually most of the time not sexual, but still very perverse. Did you get that? 😏😹🤷🏻‍♀️

You know the Lolita type? Innocent looking with that twist of drive you crazy sexy. I love how Japanese fashion culture remixed the vibe Lolita