To bag it or buy it?

I really enjoy my job! But lunchtime!!!!! Those 60 minutes that break up the day are so needed. I often dream of living in a country that’s supports a siesta. 

The sticky thing about work lunchtime are the options. Depending on where you work you could have a plethora of them. With all the yummy smells in the air it’s so tempting to blow off that pb and j or salad. Just to indulge in all the processed calories. 

Working in a “luxury” mall luckily I am saved from food court calling my name. But on the other hand? Instead I have a mix of fine dining restaurants and “quick bite” spots. Which really adds up $$$$. 

So in an effort to save some holiday bucks, and help my waist line I am pledging to  bring my lunch everyday for the rest of the year! 


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