The Ski Mask Way?

Going through old photos came across these. Taken at an Art Show in Chicago. 

Artist Christophe Roberts

But it got me thinking 💭 

When is it ok to handle things “the ski mask way”?

I consider myself to have great morals. I’ll start by saying that, but if faced with a serious dilemma I wonder…

I think it’s easy to say I would never steal from someone. When I say someone I mean an average Joe or Josephine. Most people simply would not have the guts to walk up to someone at gun point or break into a home. 

What if your child was ill, or family hungry? 

What about “victimless” crimes, as some people like to call retail theft? Well even in this case there is a victim. The corporation doesn’t only take that hit but we as consumers also feel it.  To compensate the losses prices can go up, and jobs can be terminated.  

Consider this if you are the victim, and you find out that the criminal was a single mother. Whose  background has so many trials and tribulations it brings tears to your eyes. Would you still be angry? 

So many variables! Treat people the way you wanted to be treated is always my motto. But what if?


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