Wings ✔️…. my story

Growing up I always watched and admired as my mother put on her makeup. Which really only consisted of mascara, liqud black eye liner, and lip gloss. I loved how she did so little, but it made all the difference. The eyeliner ALWAYS winged. People would constantly comment, and inquire about it. This was definitely before it was a popular trend, and the millions of social media tutorials. 

Of course once I was allowed to wear eyeliner, around 14, I tried it. Epic fail. Through out the years I would give it a try every once in a while, but never got it right. My favorite moments were when my mom would put it on me for special occasions. Talk about yay! 

Then it happened. Just like that. My first day of college, it actually worked! Getting ready that morning I decided to give it a shot. Bam I got it. The angle, intensity, and length. Now it is, just like mom, my look. 💋
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner 


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