Tattooing Freckles 🤔…thoughts

In my opinion it is a supreme compliment! The fact that someone would want to physically change their features, to have what I was blessed with. However the only issue I really have with faux freckles are how perfectly placed the freckles often are. Which is really taking my favorite thing about freckles away, the random patterns. Now permanent faux frecks on your face definitely doesn’t seem like a good idea. Cosmetic tattoos have a way of turning colors or fading. Man on your face? Nope I will never make that recommendation. The beauty of freckles is not a fad, but I have to admit it is a very popular trend right now. 

Makeup artist tip: if you do put in faux freckles blot with a makeup sponge, and dust with powder. It will give the freckles a more lived in, diffused look. 


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