I began consistently jogging about a month ago, and it feels so good. This is not my first go around with this excercise; but I feel as though this time I am enjoying it the most. 

 The very first time I began jogging it was with my grandfather, my senior year of high school. A stickler about keeping a healthy lifestyle he still goes jogging at least a few times a week. He noticed I was a little plump, but not at all interested in running with him. We made a deal he would fill up my gas tank every other week, if I agreed to jog with him 3 days a week. Whaaaaat! I was so excited! Even with a part time job keeping the tank full was difficult. This was about 2005 and the prices were 📈.  I was shocked I was able to do it, and began to see a difference in my waistline. 
As long as I have a hype playlist in my ears, I have been able to push my self to 3 miles. When I began a month ago it took me 14 minutes a mile. I am down to 12.5 🙌🏽! Not racing or competing with anyone, but it feels great to push myself.  Any tips out there for staying motivated? 


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