Bright Peony on a blah day?

Today I’m in a funk. I know what happened to Ms. Happy Go Lucky? Well we all have our days and today is mine. What are the options  

1) Let it be a shitty day. 

2) Take the day back! It is yours to embrace. 

Easier said than done. It takes work. In order to take the day back this is what I do: 

1) Pray

2) Put on something on that makes you smile or gives you happy energy. A nice outfit, favorite scent, or a happy lip color will do the trick  ( today I’m wearing Bright Peony by Bobbi Brown)

3) Redirect your energy. It may take more than a few times throughout your day, but when a negative thought comes to mind replace it with a positive one. 

I’m not saying ignore your problems. If you are going through a situation it is usually not helpful to dwell on the negative. If you can’t fix the problem or make the change at that moment shift your focus. Revisit when ready.  


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